Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Thing - Bad Thing

(A random list of strangeness.)
1. K2's mornings plans were cancelled.
...Except she forgot to tell me.
2. K3 had his physical for summer camp.
...And Fifth Disease, which I noticed as we were sitting in the doctor's office. (its going around)
3. I stayed up late last night to try to get my writing head screwed on straight.
...I don't think it worked.
4. I was very happy to pour my coffee this morning.
...the cup I chose apparently is cracked and is leaking.
5. B had to replace a tire over the weekend thanks to a nail in the sidewall. He rotated his tires to put the new one in the front. it seems there's another nail in the same location he just replaced.
6. We have a noise ordinance in this town.
...apparently it doesn't apply to everyone. Especially backhoes and jackhammers at six a.m.
Ha! Welcome to my life.'s absolutely beautiful outside. The temperatures have finally fallen to a reasonable number and I love it.
That's all for now.

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