Thursday, June 05, 2008

Freddie Found

Nearly twenty-four hours after escaping, Freddie has been found behind the bookcase in K4's room. You can imagine how happy that made K4, because he is indeed a snapping turtle. He was very dusty and covered in hair when she finally rescued him from certain death. Currently, Freddie is swimming in my bathtub while K2 makes him a proper habitat.
It's going to be a fantastic summer!


Vicky B said...

Um, you do know these things grow - and get mean! I know K2 doesn't want to give him up, but Freddie would be better off at a nearby woody stream.

Good luck!

Victoria said...

Yep. Well aware of that fact. He's not a permanent member of the household for sure! She knows it too and he'll get released as soon as we can get him to the meadow.