Thursday, June 19, 2008


For another year...
The day didn't start out so get the picture...
And then we had to walk through overcrowded streets with horribly, really horribly, rude people. K3 has a huge crowd issue. We were armpit to armpit with total strangers downtown and I looked over at him to see wild eyes and this mother-heart-stopping, rigid fear on his face. It wasn't quite bad enough that he held my hand, (because, you know, he's too old and too cool for that these days) but it was close. He stuck to my side like glue. We moved to the sidewalk, which helped a lot, but he wanted to go home. And like the trooper he is, he didn't whine, complain, or anything. He just simply stated that he was ready to go home whenever we were, but felt that should be soon. What a funny kid. I'm really proud of how he handled himself.
After that, we just hung out here and laughed a lot. Thanks to Jo and her "moobs". :)
Town is noisy with the tearing down of everything. The neighbors are still partying and there's an occasional siren. My family has all gone to bed, and I'm heading there myself.
Whew. Thank goodness it's over.

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