Sunday, June 08, 2008


This weekend our town is holding a reenactment. Confederate soldiers occupied the town for two days back in 1863. After the troop occupied the town, they met with Union soldiers for what is said to be the most northern battle before heading back to Gettysburg.
On the way to the meeting yesterday, I passed people dressed in period attire. Then on the way back there was a group of soldiers in full regalia. Pretty cool. Last night my folks stopped by and as we were sitting in the back yard hoping for any kind of breeze, (it's stinking hot here) they began to fire the canons. We decided to walk down to check it out and I have to say it was pretty freaking awesome. The photo is from one of the encampments.
We're heading down in a few minutes for hopefully better photos and for the ending canon fire.
I'll post those later!


Vicky B said...

Um, don't you mean 1863??? :)


Victoria said...

LOL - Itchy trigger finger that!
It's all fixed now!