Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day 3 - Bread and Bunnies

Yes. It's still the longest week ever, but we're getting close to the end now. I keep saying tomorrow will be calmer, then I'm wrong, so I'm not going to be saying that anymore. Just so you know.
First, we'll talk about the bread. This is a small portion of what I did tonight. Which is pretty funny considering how long it takes to make 3 loaves of bread. Anyway. The one closest to you is the more yeast one. It looks and tastes awful. Chewy bread is never a good idea. The middle on is the less yeast - slightly better on both, but neither are as good as the far loaf. That one is our control loaf - made the right way. It's pretty and tastes good, too. Apparently, we got the kneading thing right this time. We started the process far later than we intended, which means after two rises of an hour each, the baking process didn't finish until after K3's bedtime. Then we had to taste, compare, discuss...Tomorrow night he has to write a report. After that, no more bread making unless I chose to do so.
Okay, now we'll talk about the bunnies.
B and some of the K's were out in the backyard when a crow dropped something as it flew overhead. A baby bunny. It squealed something fierce apparently. (I didn't hear it as I was doing household administration stuff) The poor thing has claw marks and some blood on its fur, but perked up after a few minutes. But it's so stinking cute. Now it's on my back porch in a box loaded with straw, grass, carrots, and who knows what else. I highly doubt our guest will live until morning, but the K's have hope. This is a typical event around here - the finding and attempting to care for injured and baby things. So far, our attempts have not ended with the desired outcome, but we keep trying.
Tomorrow is Thursday, which is one step closer to Friday.

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