Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Things...

10 Things that are driving me nuts right now.
In no particular order...
1. The noise water bottles make when someone squeezes them. Okay, so that drives me crazy all the time.
2. My current phone service. Do you think the messages could go in the voice mail box when they come in? Do I have to wait 2 days?
3. Wearing shoes. Come on people, it's almost June.
4. Being cold. I'm sitting here with a blanket wrapped around me, two shirts on, sweatpants and socks. Again, it's almost June.
5. Rain. It's already ruined our weekend plans. No camping for us. It keeps messing up K1's work schedule. The sun is peeking out now, but that's all we get anymore - brief glances and zero warmth.
6. Having to divide into teams just to get to important events that are all scheduled on the same night.
7. The way my computer chair squeaks.
8. The cat continually unmaking our bed after I've made it. He's cold. I get that, but seriously, he messes up the covers like a person.
9. Car repair bills.
10. The time change of my mail delivery. Come on, I depend on the mail being delivered at a certain time. Now I have to wait four more hours for it to hit the box. And no, I'm not in love with getting bills.
11. No new Supernatural for weeks.
Okay - so it's 11. I'm an overachiever today. Ha!
Obviously, I'm a little ranty. Think I'll go take a nap before I turn my characters into total jerks based on my mood.

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