Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Little House

How's that for talent?
My daughter's friend made this while we were up at the meadow on Sunday. It's a cute little stick house, complete with a falling down barn. I think K2 had a hand in the barn. See the pathway, and the fence? I have a few more pictures of the little house, so hopefully you'll get a good idea of how cool it was.
Today I got to hang out with some friends who always make me feel good despite myself. And I'm not talking pat-on-the-back-it'll-all-be-better-in-the-morning feeling good. It's more of a listen to you swear and complain, swear with you, give you a hug, and then kick you in your butt to keep you moving in the right direction and not let you give up on yourself kind of thing. An honest interaction. A very good thing. It was what I needed, and I'm grateful for them (even for the one who skipped out on us to go chaperon her kid.) These are the friends who would never bail me out of jail if I had the need because they'd be in the cell beside me laughing about how the whole thing went down. Friends like that are hard to come by. And I definitely know how lucky I am because not only do I have the greatest friends, I also have the greatest family - who, in most cases, fall into the 'sitting beside me in the cell' category.
It's icky when I'm mushy, isn't it?


vickyb said...

And when someone finally did come to bail us out, we'd probably tell them to let us in there 'cause we were getting so much writing done!


Victoria said...

Ha! I didn't even think of that, but you're totally right!!!