Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weekend Wonderings...

I wonder where the sun is?
And why my children are acting like they've had 50-gallon drums of sugar for lunch. It's like Wrestle Mania here. K2 is wrestling the dog. The boys are doing their best to break the couch by wrestling. K4 isn't really wrestling with people, but she's yelling at the computer because it won't accept her password for the game she wants to play - so same noise level - same difference.
I also why those same children love those survival shows. You know which ones I mean. I think there's two right now and they watch both every chance they get. I guess, at least, they'll know how to survive if they ever get stranded in the Arctic, in a desert, or on a tropical island. That can't be a bad thing.
Today was my chapter meeting for my writer's group. After all the work I put in making sure I met my goal this month, I ended up winning the goals prize drawing. So that was pretty cool. The only thing about that is, I ran the goals program this time since our usual Goals Wrangler couldn't make it and the chapter president was taking care of business with our treasurer. No. I didn't rig it. I had nothing to do with the winning name being drawn. It was just dumb luck. And I set my goal really high for next month since I'll soon have three solid days of writing time. I can't wait. We a good meeting even though our numbers were very low this month, but the energy was high.
Now it's time for me to get to work and write my synopsis.

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