Friday, May 05, 2017

Feel Good Friday...

I had a super suck day today.
Everything that could and shouldn't go wrong, did.
I'm not going to get into details because it's blah blah blah and wah... so, instead, we're going to focus on good things...

1. Living through a long and laborious work day. 90% of it sucked. Some was okay. Lunch was meh. Five pm was awesome.

2. Not having to cook dinner. That Man and K4 had the dinner going on when I walked in the door. They had done the shopping and the taking care of The Grandma. All I had to do was come home. You can't beat that.

3. Bonus - Margarita in hand within fifteen seconds of getting home. Mango, no less. Awesome. That Man definitely knows what he's doing and knows how to read me.

4. Conversations on my way home that made me feel better and not stupid

5. Retreat in almost 10 days. Oh yes, please!

6. A little sleeping in tomorrow.

7. The 'burban coming back into the fold. Yay, 'burban!! I drove it to the garage and while I am still in love with it, I was a little nervous. (also, I insisted on driving it to the garage)  The brakes were whacked, the steering also... But it's all good. Most of it was because it had sat for so long. When we pick it up it will be pretty much good.

8. Camping coming up! I loves the camping. And now the 'burban is back to haul the camper wherever we wish to go!

9. Writing meeting tomorrow! Yay!

10. Words on the page! I must get to that now!

I am fried. My 50 words will happen, and then I will sleep.


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