Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Retreat: Day One - Post Two

Yeah, I' m back...

The newbies have arrived and the grand tour has been given. I love these newbies. I haven't had a chance to get to know them since they joined our chapter, and honestly, I was a little nervous about so many new people at retreat. There are six and ten folks that have been here numerous times.

But. They are awesome. I'm having a good time getting to know them and they've only been here a few hours. Our tour was filled with a ton of laughter, bad jokes, and silliness. I also love the fact, even though I knew it would be so, that our old-timers are all about taking the new people under their wing and helping.

Our hallway kind of got split up - meaning we have at least four rooms in the middle of the hall that are unused. They weren't offered on my rooming list, so we assume that they are under construction as we were told we are on this hall by ourselves. Which is fine, but it kind of changes our dynamic a little. No one seems to mind at all though, which is cool. And I'm not saying there are miles between us, it's just a little more spaced out than usual.

The rooms are pretty awesome though. I have a king-sized bed all to myself, super cool desk with a desk chair and my desk faces the door, so that Feng Sui is all in the right place. I have a connecting door with Simon, which is awesome. The only weird thing is the shower chair in my bathroom, but it's now the home for my cooler, so I'm okay with it.

Oh, and I wrote a bunch - not as much as I will tomorrow, but way more than I have recently. All while doing my Retreat duties.

And now, the three hours of sleep is catching up with me and I must sleep.

More tomorrow. Maybe even pictures?


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