Saturday, December 01, 2007

Author Trio

There you have it!
The three authors responsible for the upcoming anthology, "The Shape of Love" coming soon from Draumr Publishing.
Vicky Burkholder is on your left, Misty Simon in the middle, and yours truly on the end. Yes, I know I'm not sporting a smile as big as the others. Actually, my expression is more of a smirk. No, I can't tell you why.
Today was our writer's group Holiday party. We always have a good time - talking, eating, laughing, eating, more laughing, more eating. You get the picture. Though today there were near-tears as we said a temporary goodbye to a long term member and great guy. It's a hard farewell, though his reasons are honorable and understandable, but we hold every hope that someday he'll come back to us. Still, it was a fantastic time.
Winter weather is in our forecast. The parking lot of the grocery store was insane. We've talked about this before. As usual, I looked like just about every other "winter weather shopper" as I did my regular grocery shopping yesterday. No, I'm not buying bread, milk, and toilet paper because I'm afraid we'll be snowed in for weeks. We needed it - those things are on the weekly list. It was far worse when the kids were younger and this household went through a gallon of milk a day. Buying four gallons of milk was not uncommon for me on a regular shopping day - you can imagine the looks I got when snow was in the forecast.
Tonight we are planning on doing some holiday decorating. We'll see. And if we do, I'll post pictures tomorrow.
Continue enjoying the weekend! always...

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