Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thoughts on Tuesday

You would think with all the stuff going on around here that I would have more to talk about.
Well, I don't have much at all to say.
Since Saturday I've been to two holiday parties. (I really think calories consumed while talking and laughing with friends shouldn't count. I believe I've mentioned that before.) By Saturday evening, I will have attended an additional four events with lovely food. Not all are holiday related, but the food is extremely similar. I should probably stop eating in between these gatherings so I'll still be able to fit into my jeans. Ha!
I saw the weirdest thing today. And no camera. Dang it. I'll try to explain, but be warned the translation will be lost. Probably. Okay. First off, it's very windy here. Cutting, cold wind. I don't know if it has any bearing on what I'm going to tell you. Anyway. I was driving on one of the main roads near here and off to the left there are homes with decent sized front yards and no fences to separate. In one of those yards, just one, there were hundreds of birds. The space was probably 15x30' and I kid you not, there wasn't more than six inches between the smallish black birds. (I don't know what kind) Just in that one yard. It was bizarre. (and I know you're shaking your head going...whatever...I don't get it.)
Snow is forecast for tomorrow. Yeah. Okay. I don't think the weathermen understand that after Sunday's disappointment, none of us are listening anymore. When the forecast says 100% chance of ice and nothing happens...Whatever. Though the kids are supercharged. No. Really. They're laughing and carrying on to an annoying level, but I don't have to heart to shut down their fun. Yet. Soon I'll have to or go crazy...
That's all...


Natalie Damschroder said...

That IS bizarre!

The birds are starlings, and at this time of year are migrating in huge amounts (though most are gone--unless they're coming back early or something). It's bizarre that they were only in that one yard, though I suspect the people had probably spread grass seed. Either that, or they were the only people on the block not to use ugly harmful chemicals on their lawn and therefore are full of yummy worms. :)

Victoria said...

Ah, Starlings. Makes sense. You're right it was probably grass seed or worms, but it was an amazing site to see so many like that and just in that one yard!