Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday! Finally...

I didn't think we were ever going to get here.
Make sure you click on the You Tube video below. Well, unless you're not a fan of Supernatural and I don't want to know that.
As you can see from the word meter, I did make a little bit of progress yesterday. The kids kept themselves busy with the camcorder, making movies that included ketchup on my kitchen floor, dolls without arms, and lots of laughing. Don't ask - it's better that way. Though I have to say their films were amusing.
We realized sometime this afternoon that we didn't have anything on the calendar for tonight, so we're hanging at home and relaxing. Imagine that. Tomorrow is a different story, however, the day will start with us getting the tree, and end when we're forced to head home when the supposed snow starts sometime tomorrow night. Yeah, we're due for some more winter weather.We'll see. B is convinced we're only getting rain again. As for me, I'd love a good storm.
K2 is going for her permit test tomorrow.
Now you know...

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