Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Wow. That is one bad picture of our tree. I didn't realize how dark it was until it came up on here. The lighting is awful. I'll take one tonight with the rest of the lights out and see if I can get it up here tomorrow.
Anyway. We're ready here. Finally. Spent the morning running around like a crazy woman. Even went on a super quick grocery store run, which was horrible. It took me longer to fight traffic, find a place to park, and then walk into the grocery store from the middle of nowhere than it did to actually pick up the very few items I needed. When I came out and got in my truck, I was parked in by two idiots who must believe Suburbans have hovercraft capabilities. It was a lot of crap to deal with for trash bags and horseradish.
The food is done. Birthday cakes are cooling to be shaped into an "8". Crab dip is made and tomorrow's spaghetti sauce is simmering. I'm even mostly dressed - just need to change out of my piggy slippers and put a better face on.
I hope your evening is a nice one. We'll be hanging with the family at my folks house, sans B's mom who is sick in bed with what will probably turn out to be bronchitis, and sans Jo who has to work tonight and is currently napping on my couch.
Santa is watching you!

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