Monday, December 17, 2007

My Backyard...

This is only a portion of the mess that is my backyard.
We did get some more winter weather - not exactly what they were calling for, (or what I was hoping for) but things got a little messy yesterday. Obviously.
The branch in the photo took out my cable, and has my phone line stretched to the limit. Surprisingly, our phones and Internet still work. For now. To the left of this, a different branch took out a section of fence, and the yard is littered with sticks of all sizes. After it was done icing, the wind kicked up, shooting the ice from the tress like missiles. We're under a "wind advisory" until this afternoon. Most of our town is without power. Luckily, we're on a different power grid so we kept our lights, but the high school and elementary school have none. The kids are off today because of that.
Kind of obvious as to what B and I will be doing when he gets home from work.
And, I have to say how far behind I am. There's still shopping to do (including birthday shopping for K4), all the wrapping, and a few more social events to prepare food for and attend. But I'm pretty much home all day today, which both pleases and stresses me out. I'll probably get some bonus writing done.
Our tree is up and decorated. Pictures of that sometime this week.
Oh, and K2 and her permit test? She didn't make it past the eye exam. What a terrible morning. We went from there to get her an eye exam and glasses. Hopefully, her glasses will be in before Saturday so she can try again.
That's all for now...

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