Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cover Art

We have the cover for "The Shape of Love".
Unfortunately, we're not allowed to share. Not yet.
Seeing my name on the front of the cover was a thrill I hope I never get used to. It's very exciting.

In other stuff, I'm racing around the house like a crazy woman trying to find the list of the things K3 needs for his "basic aid" class at school. The items are due tomorrow, and all I know is that he needs a magazine and a sheet cut into 2 different sized bundles. Ack! I'm driving myself nuts because I never lose stuff like this. The list was just here on my desk and now it's gone. Did I say this is due tomorrow? Yeah.
Off to search some more!


Natalie Damschroder said...

Hey, I remember that! Dammit, that means we'll be doing it again soon.

Where did I put that cut-up sheet...?

Victoria said...

You would think I'd have saved it from the last one that had to do it!
What a pain!