Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Man, it's cold outside.
The temps around 18* and the wind chill puts it down to 3*. The dog doesn't seem to get that it's too cold for her to stay outside any longer than it takes to do her business. I don't know how long this cold snaps supposed to last, let's just hope it's not too long.
Moving day went okay yesterday. Luckily, it wasn't quite this cold. Our friend was well prepared and had plenty of help, so we were done at a fairly decent time. After we got her bed put together, we went ahead and made it for her, and of course, couldn't just be nice and make it the right way. She hasn't called to yell about that yet. I need to get the picture my brother in law took of my "redneck skiing". Picture a moving cart - one of those four wheel deals with a hole in the middle - and a pair of crutches. Everyone was yelling at me to stop before I fell and hurt myself.
Today I'm writing - well, working on edits - and trying to stay warm.
Hope your weekend is going well.

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