Saturday, January 05, 2008


Today was my monthly writers group meeting. I love my chapter. I always leave the meeting feeling recharged and full of hope. Today was no different even though we were crammed into a small space because our regular room wasn't available. We were almost sitting on top of each other, but it was still a blast.
Then we went pet shopping. K2 wanted another small pet and since she had a cage, and her own money, all she needed from us was transportation and advice. After seeing the coolest Great Dane (that's the dog I want), we finally found them. Two Russian Dwarf hamsters. They're very, very cute. I can't remember what she named them, only that she didn't take my suggestion of Franks & Beans. They're all settled into their new home now. I'll post pictures soon. K3 has decided he wants a snake. Sigh.
So yesterday we finally got our digital cable installed. When the ice storm took down our lines, the cable company rep offered us a package that's cheaper than what we were paying per month. Of course I jumped on that, and since by next year everyone will have to convert to digital, I'm ahead of the game a little bit. Which is a rare and unusual thing in this house. Anyway. What a cool thing. I'm digging the music channels and the free movies. We're still learning how to work it, though I did manage to set the parental controls already. And I can't believe how awesome the picture quality is, even on our nearly 20 year old floor model television.
Well, that's about it for me. Our weekend is much more relaxed than what it was this time last week and I think we're still in a state of shock without so much going on.

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