Tuesday, January 08, 2008


This weather is not cool.
I mean, it is. It's wonderful. Beautiful. Amazing. Nearly 70* in January.
I love it.
And I hate it.
Because we all know this is a temporary abberation. By this time next week we're going to be back to freezing our tails off and complaining about how cold it is. This warmth is not going to help us get through that. I'm a firm believer in snow, but if it's not snowing it should be warm. Oh well...not much to be done about the weather.
In other stuff, this new digital cable thing is pretty darned cool. We got a pretty sweet promotional package, so we've got a few premium channels for free. B and I have been watching "The Stand" each evening and being able to pause and rewind is nifty. No commercials is also pretty nifty.
I'm getting back into my swing with writing. Slowly. I have some editing to do, some other editing to do, more editing to do, and some short stories to work on. Pay no attention to the word meter - its not entirely accurate at the moment.
That's all the Tuesday ramblings I have.


Natalie Damschroder said...

So you got DVR with it? So you can record SPN and keep it?

Isn't it AWESOME???

Victoria said...

It's awesome!
There is a DVR with it, but the darn thing didn't come with any instructions. I have to figure it out and HOPE I can record SPN!!!