Friday, February 25, 2011

Feel Good Friday

It's good to see Friday again!
It was a long day, a long week, But some good stuff happened this week...
1. Having the transmission on the 'burban fixed! And it only costing a fraction of what we expected. Now we have to get the inspection done and do some routine maintenance, but knowing we won't have to start car shopping is a wonderful feeling. Besides, I love my 'burban and want to keep it until it falls apart.
2. Last minute dinner invitations with the 'rents. It was a nice evening, though we couldn't stay very long.
3. Getting to see K5! She's crawling and pulling herself up and was a complete and utter mess of tears when we got there, but she came around. By the time we left, she was being a complete goofball. She's so precious!
4. Hanging with K4.
5. Knowing I'm going to get some writing time in this weekend.
6. Tomorrow's plans.
7. The countdown to the Retreat!
8. Kicking back with a little Captain.
9. Sleeping in tomorrow.
10. New Supernatural tonight.
...and a few more things you probably wouldn't care about, not that you care about this list anyway. Ha!

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