Monday, February 28, 2011

Yeah. It's Monday II....

So it's the last day of February! And it's the first time in a very long time that I didn't blog every day of the month! Not that you care, but I do! ha!
Heading into March and I still have much hope for 2011. We started off a little rough, but things (knock on a lot of wood) seem to be looking up around here. The 'burban is in good shape - it's been inspected, oil changed, transmission maintenanced - and I don't have to think about a car payment. Whoot!
I've taken care of a lot of things that were looming. There's a lot coming up to look forward to, and I have hope in places I didn't before.
The zombie book is coming along, albeit slowly. The writing weekend I'd hoped for never happened, but it was very good mother-daughter time and you can't beat that with a stick, so...And, of course, tonight was retrieving newly inspected vehicles and an extended eye doctor appointment for K4 (complete with super cute reading glasses that better get here soon!). And it's Monday, so that usually always sucks, but whatever....
So, I will hold onto my tenuous hope and head into March with good vibes and extra determination! (Except where the stink bugs are concerned, because we all know what the warmer weather will bring. *shudder*)

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