Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm late. I know I'm late!

Which of the following are true:

1. I found a metric crap ton of stink bugs in the linen closet. Yes, I screamed like a girl. Yes, I sucked them up in the vacuum and then changed the bag - tossed it outside and considered lighting it on fire. It'd only been about a week since I opened the linen closet. No, I don't want to talk about the hundreds of disgusting creeps. Nah. But entirely possible.

2. Sunday night, as we were all sitting in the living room watching a movie, we heard the cupboard doors opening and closing. The cat was on my lap. The dog was on her bed. Freaky. True....

3. The cat caught a mouse Sunday morning. He didn't kill it, just played with it until B intervened. Nah.

4. Last night the cat spent ninety percent of our sleeping hours meowing loudly and being a pain in the butt. He didn't need food, or water, and had plenty of comfy spaces to sleep. I swear he woke us at least six or seven times. True! We didn't sleep much and were very irritated!

5. We lost our snow shovels in the snow. Okay, we didn't. I knew exactly where they were, but no one else did. It took B quite a while to find them, which made for some interesting tracks in my snow covered yard. Also true. And kind of funny!
Okay. I know it was a lame one.

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