Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behind... Tall Tale Tuesday, because it's late and I got nothing. Well, I might have something, but my brain isn't coherent enough to pull it together.
I also didn't post about Supernatural. And that makes me sad. The deep and philosophical post is also still in the works, though I have on idea when.
I hate breaking a blog streak and missing days.
And when I say I'm far behind, I mean it. I haven't been blog visiting for a while. I suck at keeping up with my own blog. I can't tell you the last time I Tweeted, or checked in on Facebook. I also haven't done more laundry than absolutely necessary and that includes putting away the massive pile of clothes in my bedroom (and we're not going to talk about that travesty - the room I sleep. Oy!) My floors need scrubbed. The bathroom needs a major cleaning. My 'burban could double as a dumpster. The fridge is bare, and so is the pantry. The pile of papers on my dining room table is almost high enough to block out the sun.
I am writing, though thanks to the migraine I've had for a week, it's not as much as it should be. But progress is progress. And most of the taxes are pretty much done (let's not talk about the college tax stuff, or the college financials I still have to do). And I will most likely get to see K5 at the end of this week. (She's crawling! And pulling herself up!)
And that's about it for this...Tuesday? Is it Tuesday?

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