Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Random

It's been a random weekend, so it's time for a random post.
Until this afternoon I had a 3 man tent set up in my living room. K4 got a new tent for her birthday. She's been begging to set it up so she could check it out. Saturday night, she slept in it. It took up nearly half of the living room and was a real pain to get around. And she seemed to believe the walls were made of sound proof material. She talked even louder when inside and made constant noise. It's down now. Thank goodness. And she's more than pleased with it.
Suite seats at the hockey game are a lot of fun. I'm still torn on whether or not it's more fun than seats right on the ice, but the no line bathrooms and the supply of food and beverage that you don't have to fight the crowds for put it at the top, I think. Plus, our team won and that's never happened when we've been to a game. B and I had a blast.
I've spent all day editing and have the headache to prove it. Yes, I've been wearing my glasses, but they really don't help all that much. Eye doctor here I come. Me and my entire family, that is.
Tomorrow is a bonus sleep in day since the kids are off school. Whoot! I might stay up and catch last week's Castle since I don't have to be a slave to the alarm tomorrow.
That is all.


vickyb said...

Wow. I am honored! Thank you! And congratulations to you!

Victoria said...

You're welcome and congrats to you, too!!