Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail

No Tall Tale Tuesday this week.
I'm feeling particularly crappy today so, instead, how 'bout some random?
It hasn't gotten much warmer here. Last night I had on long john pants, sleepy pants, two pair of socks, a tshirt, and two sweat shirts and I was still freezing my butt off. The house was warm. Don't know. Maybe it had something to do with how I'm feeling today - a portent of doom or something.
I realized, especially after reading Megan's blog, that I need to do some streamlining of my own. During the break, I spent way too much time goofing off. Lots of goofing off that sucked my time away and left me frazzled because I didn't get done what I needed to. So no more of that. Work first. Play later.
We were supposed to slow down this month. The crazy insanity of the past few months was to have ended and we were to be enjoying a more relaxed schedule. Apparently that was a dream, because the old full schedule is back. I'm pretty sure I caught it lurking in the shadows a few times during the break. I ignored it when perhaps I shouldn't have.
That's enough random for today.

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