Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lovely Blog Award

The fantastic and hilarious Ava Quinn awarded me with the One Lovely Blog award. (I think the Sea Monkeys she keeps over there have affected her brain, because there's usually not a lot of lovely going on over here.) Anyway. Ha! I think it's way cool and I am honored.
Now it's my job to pass the award along. And I choose:

Author and friend Vicky Burkholder. She's always got some insight on books to read, writing, and other stuff, too.

Now...for the second part of the award. I'm supposed to tell you then things about myself that you might not otherwise know. Hmmm....
1. I'm the middle of five children. Two older brothers, two younger sisters.
2. As a kid, I lived 7 different places in 4 different states before we moved here.
3. My dad accepted his job in PA on the day the Three Mile Island disaster happened.
4. People say my youngest sister could pass for my twin (neither of us see that) - not so much face-to-face anymore (her hair is short and mine is long), but on the phone we can fool even our husbands.
5. B and I have been together since I was 15.
6. My favorite color is red. (red laptop. Whoot)
7. I can't sing. I like to sing, but it's dangerous to do so when anyone is within hearing distance.
8. I live with insane people. (I think you already knew that.)
9. I have only flown in a jet once and that was when I was a baby. I'm not afraid, I just have never had the opportunity. I have been in an ultralight and that was way cool.
10. I would love to live in the middle of 500 acres. In the woods.
So, that was more than you ever wanted to know. Nothing Tall Tale Tuesday about it either, all true. Oh, and speaking of Tall Tale Tuesday...I'm going to pass this week since I've got nothing but editing in my head right now (hence missing yesterday's blog post).


Susan Kelley said...

So many little tidbits about you. Thanks for sharing all these lovely facts on your lovely blog.

Ava Quinn said...

Any time, V. Yours is a very lovely blog!

Victoria said...

Thanks Sue and Ava!! Back at ya!