Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Good and Bad!

I know I'm terrible at posting these days! I'm terrible at most things these days!
Here's what I'm bad at:
1. Remembering stuff. I've forgotten appointments, planned things, stuff the kids say, calls I need to make, and everything in between.
2. Doing stuff. I haven't written. I haven't cleaned my house. I am barely able to function these days.
3. Life. I suck.
4. Being a good friend. I suck at this for sure. I apologize. I don't mean to suck at this. I hate to suck at this, but I am having a hard enough time being a friend to my family and myself right now. And I hate it all.
5. Writing.. I know this is a kind of repeat. I haven't written since the Tuesday before Mom died. I have ideas. I have a short to write. I have edits coming soon. I am trying...
Here's what I'm good at:
1. Sleeping. (Though that's a lie) I want to sleep, but can't.
2. Being with my sister's and brother. We're awesome as a unit. We suck apart.
3. Crying at random times.
4. Missing my folks. I miss them both so much. I miss my Momma so much. She wasn't supposed to go so freaking soon!
5. I'm also good at NOT sleeping! Some nights are good. Others not so much. My brain takes over, the anger takes over, the sadness takes over, and I'm awake. I need a tazer for my brain....
Things to come:
1. Dealing with their house.
2. Dealing with certain siblings.
3. Dealing with our super good friends moving away and everything else friend related.
4. Being an adult. No way. Don't want to.
5. Staying where I am right now... Not acceptable.
1. Getting stuff done.
2. Mom's book coming out.
3. Finding a way to get back to me.
4. Knowing I have the best family ever.
5. Selling the house. Eventually....

ERG!!! That is all...

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