Friday, April 01, 2016

Feel Good Friday!

Hey! I did it! This is not an April Fool Joke!
Here's what is good about this week...
1. It's Friday!! Yay!
2. My house being clean! Kudos to That Man for being awesome and dealing with the bulk of it, including the cat peeing on the floor and the dog getting into the trash while he cleaned up the pee. Long story, but it's done...
3. Finishing my short story! Yay me!
4. Starting edits on a book I hope to get out the door soon.
5. Living through the work week. It was a little brutal and pretty grim at time, but there was survival!
6. Writing meeting tomorrow!
7. The weather today! Beautiful! I know it's going to get cold again and I hate that, but for now, I'm good!
8. Watching "Friends" with That Man... Brings back memories and hysterical laughter! (Yes, I'm editing, too, or I will be as soon as I'm done here...)
9. An adult beverage at the end of a long week. Yes.
10. Sleeping in a little tomorrow! Also, Yes!
That is all for now!

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