Friday, May 06, 2016

Feel Good Friday!

Yay, I'm back! And it's Friday! So here's the Feel Good...
1. Friday. Yay. It was a Hell week at the day job. Upside is... I only have two more days to work until RETREAT!!
2. Chilling with That Man and watching some old TV shows... The children pick on us for watching this show, but we don't care.
3. Writing meeting tomorrow. Very cool. Miss my writing peeps and am happy to see them.
4. Adult beverages after a long week. Thank goodness for Friday... and adult beverages.
5. 4 days until Retreat... Well, two work days, and two weekend days, so yeah, 4 days! Whoot! I can't even give you the full scope of retreat yet... but I will. Once I get there.
6. I did have a day off of the day job this week. It was a doc appointment kind of day. Nothing to worry about there, and I did get to have lunch with That Man and I did take a nap.
7. The laundry in my house is caught up for the first time in forever and a day! I cannot even tell you the last time our laundry was caught up. Yay! (I know...lame)
8. My kids having friends over.
9.Weekend plans.
10. Skipping the sad Mothers Day stuff... Maybe later... Maybe...

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