Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Catching Up

I had a post started on Saturday, but I was trying to do it on my phone, and it wouldn't format and then it disappeared... Huh...

So here's the wrap up...
Lived through last week. (this week is looking the same, except, so far, no technical issues at the day job) And had date night with That Man. We were both exhausted and couldn't decide where to go to eat, but we had a good time hanging out and talking. I was asleep by 9pm though.
Had a blast with K5 on Saturday. We had to go to a birthday party and crazy stuff like that, but it was a good day.
Sunday - cooked dinner for my niece and her husband. He just had surgery. Made stuffed shells, apple bake, and garlic bread. Cleaned my house (kind of), and oh hey! The Christmas decorations are put away and organized! Yay!

Monday was a very long day at the day job. I was asleep before 9.

Today wasn't much calmer at the day job, but I'm still moving, so that's something. Though once I get the laundry out of the dryer and work on some edits, I'll be heading to bed.

My original post was better, but...


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