Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Delay Giggles...

So we ended up with a 2-hour delay. Not too bad, especially considering I got to sleep in a little. (and that was very lovely) The younger two got themselves up and dressed, so we were without the usual drudgery of getting them out of bed and moving. A good thing. And the delay doesn't effect my plans for today, which is awesome.
Except everyone has the giggles and the dog is barking because of their excitement. There's a strong chance the blueberry muffins that are supposed to be for breakfast will soon be used as flying objects. (or there was - I have taken care of that one)
Still no decorating done here. We're talking about it, but that's as far as we get considering the weight of our schedule. Maybe this weekend. Maybe. The calendar's pretty darn full already.
That's all for now. It's time to take the crowd to school and relocate my hearing and sanity!

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