Friday, December 28, 2007

Year in Review

Not much happened in January. According to my January blog posts, it was cold and kind of boring around here.
That's when the "great bedroom rearrange of 2007" started. We went to the cabin with my sister and brother-in-law and peed in an unheated outhouse. We had some snow, but that's about it for the month.
The bedroom rearrange finally came to an end. Yay. The My Space paged shared by me and Vicky B. launched. K1 ended up with stitches, a head xray, and lots of brush burns.
The blogging of the alphabet. A surprise birthday party for me.
Tattoo's. My uncle visiting from California. Camping. Pirates. Finally the beginning of warm weather. K1 turning 18. Writing retreat.
The 18th birthday party. The death of K2's rat, Spanky (she's bugging for another one now). A too-busy summer beginning. Lot's of randomness.
More too-busy summer. Harry Potter. Random pictures. Extended camping bliss.
Blog-iversary. The start of school. Excessive heat. Nightmares. Lots of random.
"Talk like a pirate day". Lots of random, including pictures. A contest.
Halloween. CPRW promo event. Lots of Murphy's Law content. Parades. Gross pictures.
Thanksgiving. Roller Skating. The end of yet another play. More random posts and pictures.
"The Shape of Love" announcement. Whoot!! CPRW holiday party. Holiday stress. Snow. Ice storms. Holiday wishes. My cousins visit. New drivers.
Seems to me I post more random information than I do anything else. And, of course, I don't tell you guys everything...a girls got to have some mystery to her, right? Through all the above mentions, there was consistently talk of Supernatural (which I miss terribly and can't wait to see next week's new episode).
And the writing: I've written approximately 288,000 words so far this year. That's the anthology story, 3 complete projects, the beginning of a fourth, and a lot of editing.
Tomorrow we'll talk about what I'm looking forward to in 2008.
Until then, we're having a pre-new year's eve celebration this evening and I have much to do to prepare for it. The trip to the airport went well. We did get lost leaving the airport, but in the end it worked out because I ended up back on the right highway without having to go through the mess of switching routes to get there.


Vicky B said...

Sounds like a good year overall - especially the December announcement. :)

Here's to a great 2008!


Victoria said...

:) The December announcement is one of the best things that happened in 2007!

Let's hope 2008 rocks!!