Saturday, July 21, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Here's the list:
1. That man and that boy finally home after a long week of Scout summer camp. I missed them. A lot.
2. That man's face. And his hug. And thankfully, he will be sleeping beside me once again. 
3. K4 being so excited to go to camp tomorrow.
4. Our "Hello, Goodbye" dinner tonight. The boys are just home. K4 is leaving for camp tomorrow. Good food is planned. And adult beverages.
5. Sleeping in this morning. After a long week of not much sleep, it was very needed. Then... a nap. Nice!
6. Living through the work week.
7. Making writing progress. Not as much as I'd hoped, but still good.
8. Wedding planning x2.
9. Getting stuff done.
10. Beach plans.
That is all for now...


Ava Quinn said...

Sounds like another great list. Glad you got some writing done.

This does not seem like the summer for writing for me. All these medical things keep getting in the way. I'm the latest victim with a pinched nerve in my hip. Doctor thinks it's sciatica. Sigh.

Glad your men are home safely!

Victoria said...

Man, Ava! Your luck has sucked lately!! I hope your hip feels better!
The writing is hit or miss lately and it sucks!!
I am glad my men are home safely as well!
Hope you're feeling better now!