Sunday, January 06, 2013

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Whew! What a long weekend!
Let's get to the list already...
1. K5 time. All day! We had a blast and I'm exhausted!
2. The baby shower going very well! The kids got a lot of nice things and we had a blast hanging with friends.
3. My first writing meeting without being on the board. It's been about 9 or so years... It's kind of strange and also good. I know I'll end up running for another board position once my 2 year's are up, but for now, I'm going to enjoy sitting in the back of the room.
4. Running around with That Man.
5. Wedding plans starting to come together.
6. Two 16 year olds and a 13 year old making breakfast while singing Les Mis songs.
The not so good...
1. The battery died in my truck. We got it taken care of, but the whole process was a pain...
2. On the way back from picking up a battery (one that was dead, too), a deer ran into That Man's car. Full on - into the driver's side door. The car's a little jacked and he had to bend the door to get it to close. The mirror was shattered. Oy.
3. A second trip had to be made do get a working battery during the time I was trying to prep for the baby shower.
4. Now that we've had Christmas with K5, the very dead tree needs to come down. I don't know when we're going to have time to do that this week.
5. No writing time this weekend! Actually, I'm heading there now so at least that's something...

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