Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Yes, I am a slacker!
It has been a crazy, crazy week! And now it's Friday! (Really it's Saturday, but since I'm not in bed yet...)
Let's see...
1. Baby B! So stinking cute and doing so fantastically! He's got the best parents!
2. This work week being over. Thank goodness!!
3. Heart to hearts with K2.
4. My Amazon order arriving! Who else could be so excited over iPod cable clips and headphones?
5. Good writing progress this week.
6. K5 on the horizon! (Wow! I'm a grandmother of 2! How weird is that? I. Am. Not. Old.)
7. My house being mostly clean and presentable.
8. Sleeping in tomorrow.
9. Nearly $3. a gallon off of gas! (or close to that - grocery store first, then gas)
10. Impromptu Friday night gatherings. Okay, so That Man and I were supposed to have some alone time tonight. Never happened. Instead we got Baby B, K1 and J, S and J, my sister and niece and my niece's boyfriend, my parents, J's friend, and all K's in the house at the same time (never happens anymore)... and it was so good! (I do still want/miss my alone time with That Man though!)
That is all...

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