Monday, September 30, 2013

Moaning Monday...

I know I retired Moaning Monday a while ago, but sometimes... You just need one!
1. This headache. Seriously?
2. Monday evening meetings! They suck! Especially when they take twice as long as they're supposed to and when you potentially think you might have to take over a committee because the chairs just quit and it's important. (I made no commitment!)
3. Teenagers! Oy!
4. Weird and unsettling, but very ridiculous, phone calls! (While I was at work, no less...)
5. The van making a weird noise.
6. Having to order a new box for the TV. I love my ISP though. The new box will be here by Wednesday.
7. My cat is shedding like crazy.
8. I'm so stinking tired.
9. This pain in my neck and shoulder. (probably the cause of my headache!)
10. I want to be home to write full time again!
That is all. Monday is almost over. Thank goodness!

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