Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Busy weekend around here... I'm tired and can't even think about starting the work week again!
Friday night was rehearsal for K3, then a small bit of relaxing before having to hit the hay early. Saturday morning K3 had to be at rehearsal again, and I picked up K5. We went to breakfast, ran a few errands, then ended up at the park to wait for Pappy. Once he got there, we loaded up and went to the meadow for an impromptu picnic. K5 loved throwing rocks into the creek, cooking hot dogs over the fire, and running across the little bridge. She reeled in her first fish and even touched it! It was a blast. We picked up K3, dropped off K5, stopped at the store to get the kids dinner, then dropped them at home before going to dinner at our friend's. That was also a blast! No kids, just us big people - good food, nice fire, fun games, and a lot of laughter.
Slept in a little this morning. Grocery shopping. Laundry. I actually took a nap! Made an awesome, but very time consuming dinner (2 hours in the kitchen, but totally worth it). Today is K1 & J's first anniversary, so they were here for dinner. Got some Baby B time in! Actually he's here for the night. K1 & J are working 3rd shift, so we're keeping him overnight until they get on day shift. I don't know if I'm up for middle of the night crying, I might be crying, too! Ha!
Now to get some writing in before I crash!
Going to be a crazy week!

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