Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope your day was filled with awesomeness and thanks!
We had a phenomenal day with the family! (Most of the family. K2 and J did their thing with J's family this year. We get them for Christmas, though! But it's K2's birthday today! And we just really missed them! I gave birth to K2 hours before Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving day in the hospital and my mom brought me food because there was no way I was eating hospital food for Thanksgiving. I came home the next day and we had a proper Thanksgiving that weekend.) We had dinner at my sister's this year. It was chaos and craziness and a lot of fun and good food! We really missed Dad, too! A hawk flew over after dinner and we all knew Dad was watching over us.
Things that were awesome about today:
1. Hanging out with Baby B! He's so funny and so stinking cute! On the way home, he kept yelling "Pappy" and then he would yell in a really deep voice. He was also yelling for his Gigi (my mom), who was in the front seat. It was cute! (What was cuter was when we pulled into Mom's to pick up some corn and lima beans she'd forgotten on the way there and he started yelling for his Gigi.)
2. Playing "Cards Against Humanity" with the kids. They're not kids. I know. 99% of them are 18 or over. Which is good, because the game is so wrong, but so freaking funny... It's tag line is something like "a game for horrible people" - which in-itself is hysterical!
3. Thanksgiving Eve. Too much fun. Too much great music and chaos! Or not enough... Not sure about that. We were in bed at a decent time (which means... not too late or not too early), didn't drink too much, laughed our butts off...
(this list is in no cohesive order)
4. Well... Now it's Christmas. I'm ready. Bring it.
5. My sister has the best people in her life. I'm grateful for that. I'm so thankful she has R and his sister and her husband. I'm also thankful that R understands that she's still healing after losing T. R's a good guy. She deserves him and I'm so thankful she's happy.
6. I am very thankful for my sister-in-law's lemon bars and that she gave me the recipe!
7. And for the fact that the diaper bag was found...
8. And for being warm in my house. And for my bed.
9. One work day before the weekend. That's something to be thankful for, too.
10. My husband and kids... They're all awesome!
(Remember I said this list was in no cohesive order!)
... In other news...
Our "boys" need to be fixed asap! Charles is spraying. GROSS!! He's so rude about it, too! The fixing must happen like right now... I can't deal with it.
That is all...

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