Monday, November 10, 2014

Oy! I Really Suck!

I know it's been a really long time! I'm sorry! It's been insane here!
What's been going on?
Crazy stuff!
1. My niece got married! It was awesome and fun and she was so beautiful!
2. My brother-in-law came in for the wedding and stayed with us! We had a blast! (Actually, he's still here...)
3. Awesome family parties!
4. Writing! My time has sucked, but I'm doing it! Loving the new story and wishing I could get way more words on the page!
5. Birthday parties, hanging out at my sister's - weekends that aren't long enough....
6. Even though it's super early, I'm looking forward to the holidays.
7. Talking to my sisters and brothers.
8. Feeling my new granddaughter move for the first time! So awesome! So excited!
9. My kids and kid-in-laws! I love them all and we've been having so much fun and special times lately!
10. My mom. Still the strongest person I have ever known. I'm so proud of her for how she's handling things - head on and up and front! I know it's not easy for her! But she's doing so well. The holidays are going to be rough on all of us, but especially mom. We have plans to all be together. We're going to get through the season together...
That's all... I will try to do better, but no promises... I can't even return phone calls like I should right now...

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