Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Done...

This is the tree that fell on my house last July. Or what's left of it... (yes, that's my finger at the edge of the picture. I'm very talented that way.)
It took four cases of beer, 16 lbs of taco meat and the stuff to go with tacos, some cash, a few injuries, several sore backs, and a lot of very appreciated help, but the deed is (mostly) done. The mess you see there isn't the same. it's better, but there's still clean up to do.
So weird in my backyard though... I miss my tree, but as the branches came down, we realized how lucky something major hadn't happened.(Like a brand new roof and a few windows wasn't major...) It was in really bad shape - rot and carpenter ants.
The guys spent Sunday splitting wood and getting a major amount of cleaning up done. Monday, That Man and That Neighbor put the fence back up.
I'm still not used to it. Our major shade is gone, and of course, it's stinking hot outside right now. (and how considerate of us to plan the tree take down on the hottest weekend of summer... Ha ha! Ugh... Was not what we wanted at all, but we all lived)
And on top of all of that, I received my final edits on Thursday. So instead of cleaning my filthy house, I trekked over to Mom's and hunkered down so I could work without interruptions. It was a good call. When I left for work Friday morning, I only had 98 pages to read through. Finished that up by Saturday morning and sent them off before the crowd got here. Turns out no one cared about my dirty house but me... Ha!
So that's that...

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