Saturday, February 06, 2016

Feel Good Friday!

Hey! It's been a while! But here we are with Feel Good Friday (Shh... I know it's really Saturday, but I'm still awake so...)
1. Texting all day with the sibs (sibs also includes my sister-in-law who is really my sister)... Needed that! We spoke of nothing of consequence and spent the time being silly!
2. Three hour phone calls with my sister. I also needed that and it also included lots of silly!
3. Friday. Duh. It's been a Hell week. In so many ways...
4. Pizza and no cooking for dinner.
5. Writing group meeting tomorrow. Yay!
6. Even though we didn't get to go away this weekend, hoping there's some stress relief in the weekend plans...
7. First week of Braces... OY!!! She's doing well. She hurts. She's my first with braces, so I'm trying extra hard.
8. Meeting my writing group goal.
9. Which means I've been writing...And a lot, too.
10. Oh Hellz yeah... I am writing... Awesomesauce!!!

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