Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Groundhog Day...

I think this day is bogus, but I do like the movie with Bill Murray. (that's all I'm going to say about that)
So... Things that have happened since I posted last week: (not in order of occurrence)
1. K4 took her learner's permit and passed! She also had her first official driving lesson.
2. I interviewed for a new position at the day job. No idea when I will find out, but fingers crossed.
3. Writing is coming again. I'm 8k words into a short story and I'm digging it.
4. K4 is now the proud owner of a mouthful of braces. She's hating life right now. She's in pain and full of salt over it, but in the long run it will be good. (she's the first of the K's to ever need braces, so I am clueless to know what to expect!) In about 4 months, she'll need oral surgery to remove baby teeth, wisdom teeth, and to attach some flapper thing to encourage her eye teeth to drop to where they belong.
5. The snow is slowly melting... We're having higher temps and rain and I think there will be a flood in our future... Or maybe not...
6. I have a book signing coming up in two weeks. The same one I do every Valentine's day. I'm looking forward to it!
7. K3 locked his keys in the car today. We used to have 6 extra keys - and of course, not a single one could be found tonight... Have no idea where they all went! That Man busted him out and everyone arrived home safely.
8. The dog is totally freaked out by K4's braces. Seriously. It's weird.
Okay, it's only been seven days and that's eight things...

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