Sunday, September 18, 2016

Almost Two Weeks?

Sorry! I didn't mean to fall off of the radar again!
So... What's been going on?
Well. That Man and I went away with just ourselves, which was incredibly awesome! We talked like crazy, sat by the fire, cooked amazing food, and just relaxed. It was very much needed!
This weekend, we watched Mr. B for the weekend while his parents went away for their anniversary. He's a hoot and was great, but we are exhausted! Whew!
I've been working a ton of OT at work. Also exhausting and it will continue into this coming week.
I have been writing - not a lot, but some.
I'm also working hard on getting my house back in order - going through boxes that I brought home from my parents and trying to organize stuff. Made some good progress this weekend.
But my dryer died. Again. Argh!
(K4 says Hi!)
(K1 says he has hairy nipples)
K3 says his name is Hugh Jordan)
We're playing Quiplash and laughing hysterically...
And that's it for now...

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