Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Always Falling Down....

Not literally...

So in the last 10 days...
1. Sinus/double ear infection which has waylaid me for the last 7 days and had me out of the day job for a day and a half. Yeah, I've gotten some stuff done, but with a whole lot of breaks. High fevers, a lot (a crap ton) of congestion, aches, coughing... argh... I'm on antibiotics, but I'm still not 100% yet. The drainage and drainage cough is ridiculous and the fatigue is just as bad. I do stuff. I take breaks. I have no brain.
2. My dryer is still dead.
Sucks. We're line drying everything, which I hate because the pet hair doesn't come out. The new part will be here on Friday, but that doesn't really help me. Though, the last (current) load of laundry is in the washing machine. However, I don't have room to hang it right now.
3. BUT... Two more days until we leave for the BEACH!!
We have an awesome house sitter. Very happy about my puppy being able to stay home and sleep in her own bed. He's known to all of our animals and is very comfortable in our home, so I will go on vacation with absolutely no worries about our home or my babies.
4. BEACH!!
Don't expect anything from me. I may post tomorrow and/or Friday night, but after that - it's a crap shoot. I am hoping to get my writing mojo back. I am hoping for relaxation and rest and rejuvenation. I need this vacation with every core in my being. So there's that...
5. Oh... Mom and Dad's house is "sold". I'm not holding my breath until I sign the papers, but we're 99% there... which is a very good thing.

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