Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feel Good Friday, The Saturday Edition

Yeah, I know I'm a day late. Forgive me.
Feel good things from my week.
1. Having a quiet week.
2. Finishing the short story I started Saturday.
3. Research that makes me giggle and say "wow, I had no idea".
4. Supernatural! Always!
5. Surprise endings to Supernatural. (see video below)
6. Chatting after Supernatural and all the goofy names we sign in with.
7. Plans coming together even if the purpose for the plans aren't all that great.
8. Hanging out with my sibs. (that's tonight - I have two of them staying here tonight because we have to get up at o'dark-thirty in the morning to make it to the funeral on time.)
The list looks kind of lame this week, but in all, it was a decent week.
That is all...

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