Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting It All Done...

Or at least trying...
I'm feeling a little behind the eight-ball here. This week is flying by and I have a massive amount of stuff to do before Saturday's RWA chapter meeting.
My goal was to finish my current wip. Which would have been done by now if I hadn't taken nearly a week off to write a short story, but that's beside the point. I have slightly less than nine-thousand words to write and only three days to do it. Normally, I would scoff at that - seems like a very doable thing for me - normally. (Not the "for me" - you shouldn't judge your output by anyone elses)
But, in addition to that, I have an obligation tomorrow for most of the day, Trick or Treat night tomorrow night (with guests coming to use my house as home base), costumes and snack food to prepare for the school's shindig on Friday, and a library to inventory. Not to mention a bunch of household admin duties - like long phone calls to our cellular provider to let them know the battery they sent for K2's phone doesn't work and is apparently not the reason her phone stopped working, and that's probably the least time consuming.
Since I'm running for chapter vice-president, I'll be giving up my librarian job. I have box upon box to sort through, catalog, organize, and remove items that no longer belong. A CD of information needs to be burned, as well as the current sign out sheet and copies of past newsletter articles. And I need to load everything up into the back of my Suburban for Saturday morning.
The thing you have to remember is that I've been the librarian for a long time - maybe 5 years or so. I'm not going to know what to do with the re-found space. I've been pretty good about keeping the items organized, but truthfully, this inventory doesn't excite me much. Shocker, huh?
Oh, and on top of all of that, my washing machine is making a very scary noise - like death knell scary - and Bob's car is making a similar noise.
Is it 2009 yet?

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