Friday, March 16, 2012

Feel Good Friday

It's Friday!!
1. The long hard week turned out to be relatively decent. Talking does wonders...
2. Sleeping in tomorrow on clean sheets. It will be heaven!
3. New Supernatural tonight! Yay!
4. Netflix! Why was I so resistant? Not only can we watch tons of stuff on the Xbox, but I have it on my iPhone, too. Awesome and I am so willing to pay for that!
5. Walking Dead! Thanks to Netflix I am slowly getting caught up. And I love it!
6. Writing time this weekend! Oh, how I need you!
7. Preliminary wedding planning.
8. Headphones! But why is it that every time I get a new pair someone needs to "borrow" my back up pair?
9. Finding my comfy pants! I haven't seen them in a week despite the laundry being caught up. Twice. Apparently the words "I don't want to see any dirty laundry" means it gets shoved wherever there is room, even if it's in the linen closet??... ha!
10. Cooking this weekend. I have a list!
That is all. Must write before Supernatural!

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