Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gnome Rehab...

Okay, Weekend, Why do you have to go so fast?
I feel like I just got into weekend mode and're leaving again!!
Not a whole heck of a lot of writing done this weekend, but the yard is coming along nicely.
And so are the gnomes...

He had brain surgery and I'm happy to report he's doing very well. Look at how happy he is! A lot of glue and some patience and he's almost as good as new. Still has a few holes in his head, but I did the best I could. His reaction times are slower than normal and I'm not sure if that will get better with time or not, but it's better than when his hat and the back of his head were laying beside him.

The crew got spiffed up and are ready to resume their positions in the flower garden. Only, because of their alcohol problems, (you wouldn't believe the bags of liquor bottles I cleaned up. They were hidden everywhere.) I've decided to relocate them to a new neighborhood. Maybe it will help. I'll be able to keep a better eye on them and maybe if they realize I can see them, they'll behave a little more. It's worth a shot.
They still tried to negotiate for fairies and a poker table, and I'm pretty sure the one with the frog is hiding a liquor cabinet in that mushroom. We won't talk about the passed out guy in his hammock, except to say he didn't come to the entire time I cleaned him. I know what that means and I see another trip to rehab in future. Maybe one of these times, he'll learn.
Right now they're hanging out on the picnic table - waiting for the planting, tan bark, and me to decide who to separate. They're behaving. For now.
That is all...


Ava Quinn said...

LOL!! Pictures! I need pictures!!!!

Victoria said...

What happened to my pictures?? I am sad!!
I will repair as soon as possible!