Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition!

Hello, Feel Good Friday... Even though it's Sunday and tomorrow is the beginning of what is already destined to be another long week...
Here's the list anyway...
1. Living through the work week.
2. Friday night alone! Yes... I was all by myself. All night. And it was fantastic!
3. Sleeping in like crazy. So beautiful!!
4. Lunch with K1, J, K4, and Baby B!
5. Retail therapy with my girl on Saturday! She got a very cute outfit and sunglasses. (I got nothing, but you know...)
6. Shower planning! It's going to be fantastic!! The kid knows the date, but nothing else!
7. Talking to my mom. She didn't have to say much. I just needed her to listen, and she did that. We had a really good time hanging out!
8. Hot tub. I need one!
9. Sister time. It would have been sweet if the missing sister would have been there, but she couldn't. We had a blast though!
10. Les Mis viewing. Even though I fell asleep!
11. My boys having a fantastic weekend at camp!
12. Being home and normal with my family! So needed!
13. Having all of the kids home for dinner tonight. We had a blast!
14. Baby B and his smiley face!!
There is still a huge amount of stress in this house. I can't explain, but maybe someday I will be able to. It seems that we are on an up and down journey here, and no one knows what to do or say...
That is all!!

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