Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Things have been so nuts here lately!
To be able to feel normal again and because of personal need, here are the things I will be putting more effort into... (besides what I always put it into - kids, husband, day job. Those things will most likely increase as well...) Anyway...
1. Writing. I've been slacking. I know I've had some good reasons and that I've had no choice but to step away from the page. Too much lately. (though I have been writing. I am making really good progress on my goal for the month). But I need to make it a priority over some of the stupid stuff that's been going on.
2. Blogging. Obviously, I suck! I look back on my earlier blogs and I remember how much I love this blog! I want to feel like that again!
3. Exercise. Wedding in less than 4 months. Mother of the bride. Need to rock the dress. 'Nuff said.
4. Organizing this ridiculous house.
5. Shower planning. We're working on it, but there are many details to decide on and a pretty hefty guest list. (This is what happens when the bride and groom come from large families)
6. Other social media - I haven't tweeted in two weeks!
7. Email. Anyone that knows me, knows I usually never leave an email in my box unanswered for very long. That hasn't been the case lately.
8. Taking care of myself. Yes, that should go with #3 and does, but I've had the same stinking cold for 3 weeks now. I haven't been sleeping well, eating right, or taking my vitamins. Or doing other things for my good mental health.
9. Keeping up with my "to do" list! I don't know if you remember how much I normally rely on it!
10. Spending time with That Man. I put this separately from the above, because there's a difference between the above and this point. Don't even ask me when the last time we had time by ourselves... that must be taken care of.
We'll see how I do...

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